Ronnie Borrageiro (General Manager Lion Sands Game Reserve)

From a very young age, I have had a passion for all things wild and have had the good fortune of spending much of my youth hiking, climbing, diving and collecting snakes (among other things) in pursuit of this passion.

I have been associated with the More family for almost 25 years, and have spent much of this time involved in the timber and export industry. This enabled me to travel extensively, and in the process I developed a yearning to discover and experience the extraordinary.

To this end, I have spent the last few years living a dream by exploring the planet … literally! In February 2010 I set off to experience new challenges and adventures, and for three and a half years I rode my motorcycle around the world - covering 104 countries on six continents. I experienced first hand the many diverse cultures and people that populate our world. I also met and married my wonderful wife, and together we embarked on another new and deeply satisfying personal journey.

I now find myself especially blessed by being in a position to live yet another dream. That of being able to live and work in my favourite environment with a highly skilled team of very special people whose singular purpose is to make your stay a very memorable experience. I look forward to meeting you, and welcoming you to Lion Sands.

One word: Determined
Favourite Animal: Leopard

Izak De Villiers (Operations Manager)

After more than 15 years of guiding all over Africa I've have come to realize that the Southern Kruger National Park and surrounding Reserves are the most pristine wilderness areas not only in South Africa, but the world. The sense of homecoming I felt when returning to this area almost two years ago is unrivalled and so, my passion, goes without saying. I get to share this untouched wilderness with friends and family from all around the world, what a privilege.

Favourite animal: African Hawk-Eagle
One word: Principled

Patricia Borrageiro (River Lodge Manager)

I came into the hospitality industry because of my passion for Health and Wellness. Prior to living and working outside of the United States, I lived in New York City for almost 20 years where I studied theater and dance, which led me to a career as a Pilates and Yoga Instructor. I was co-owner and founder of one of New York’s most successful Pilates studios, Core Pilates NYC. My wanderlust set in and I decided to sell my share of the business and began to travel and teach Pilates. I then went to Ubud, Indonesia and studied Yoga.

I have lived and worked in Istanbul (Turkey), Bali (Indonesia), and Parrot Cay (Turks and Caicos Islands). While working for COMO Hotels in Bali, I met my wonderful husband Ronnie in the middle of his 104 country motorcycle journey around the world .... and the rest, as they say, is history!

I am thrilled to be able to channel my passions for nature and nurturing at Lion Sands. It is such a privilege to share the wonder, beauty, and tranquility of the bush and to live among the spectacular wildlife.

One word: Passionate
Favourite Animal: Lion

Glenda Ubisi (Tinga Lodge Manager)

I grew up in one of the villages bordering the Kruger National Park. Though I obtained two of my Diplomas in Johannesburg, I came back to my first job in a 5 Star Game Reserve within the Sabi Sand in 1999, and have never looked back .My career grew from just a night-auditor to where I am today as Assistant Lodge Manager which has been achieved through hard work and unquenchable passion for looking after guest above all else. Being able to meet the world in such intermit and pristine surroundings are what make this one of the best industries to work in.

Favourite animal: Chameleon
One word: Optimistic

Sven Linstrom (Narina Lodge Manager)

While I was growing up, my family and I would spend many-a-Christmas within the Kruger area, building my love and fascination for the bush and its wildlife. I finally took the leap to move here permanently & have never looked back. I have a passion for food & culinary arts, yet growing guest relations is vital in creating a unique experience for our guests. This is what makes this line of work so amazing.

Favourite animal: Honey Badger
One word: Determined

Jopie Van Rooyen (Ivory Lodge Manager)

After growing up in Johannesburg, I spent the past 5 years vowing never to leave the bush again. I started in the industry as a Spa Therapist and hand since moved into lodge management. I love passing on my enthusiasm for the environment to each guests at Lion Sands, Sabi Sand and aim to ensure they take fond memories of Lion Sands, Sabi Sand home with them.

Favourite animal: Pearl Spotted Owlet
One word: Spirited

Lodrey Makhukhula (Assistant Lodge Manager)

Lodrey has worked in every department apart from guiding in a career that spans 16 years in the lodge industry. Lodrey started off as a house keeper at Singita in 1997 and after moving to Ulusaba in 2000 where she started as a housekeeper, gained extensive experience as a Curio shop manager, general assistant and finally the Admin Manager for Ulusaba. Lodrey and her husband Aubrey recently moved to Lion Sands Kruger National Park after 12 years at Ulusaba.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Humility

Gabriella Ronchini (Human Resources Manager)

I began my amazing life in the bush in 1992, managing a corporate lodge in the Thornybush Reserve. It is here that I met and married Allan Ronchini. An opportunity to be part of the start of a fantastic new reserve and lodge in 2001, saw us move to Lion Sands. I have been privileged to be able to take on new challenges all the while remaining at Lion Sands and have moved from Administration to River Lodge Manager and currently Human Resources Manager. I have learnt that Africa instills one with a very special feeling and I quote Emily Dibb who expresses this very eloquently: “When you’ve acquired a taste for dust, The scent of our first rain, You’re hooked for life on Africa, And you’ll not be right again….”

Favourite animal: Southern Carmine Bee-eater (Merops nubicoides)
One word: Naturalist

Marike Smit (Lodge Administrator)

Once you have seen and experienced a true African Sunset, you will never be able to let go of the feeling that was the moment where my life really began…

I started to live my dream in 2006 when I studied Field Guiding and Lodge Management through the International hotel school – Bush Academy. Since then I had a real Journey through South Africa working as Field Guide in different provinces and later on I started doing admin and management. Each and every place was unique, but all shared one thing - The Wild African Beauty of Mother Nature. I now continue my journey in the beautiful Lion Sands Kruger National Park.

Favourite animal: Honey Badger
One word: Loyal

Sindy Bisset (Executive Housekeeper)

I love this beautiful exciting, ever changing environment and since starting my hospitality career in 2004 my end goal was living and working in the African Bush. Every morning an impala wakes up knowing that it must out run the fastest lion if it wants to stay alive. Every morning a lion wakes up knowing that it must out run the slowest impala or it will starve. It makes no difference if you are a lion or an impala, when the sun comes up in Africa you must wake up running" ~ anonymous.

Favourite animal: Giraffe
One word: Concientious

Roxy Borrageiro (Food & Beverage Manager)

Post-matric, I traded in my books for sails and graduated from the United Kingdom Sailing Academy. I have spent the last 4 years working as a stewardess on board Superyachts, sailing around the world (including the Mediterranean, Caribbean and South Pacific). During my time abroad I gained invaluable knowledge and skills in catering, hosting and serving high profile clientele, while revelling in the wonders of the world I was privileged enough to witness.

“You can take the lady out of Africa but you cannot take Africa out of the lady” – Eager to further my training and experience in hospitality, I returned to the soils of South Africa and now ecstatically find myself at Lion Sands Kruger National Park as the Food and Beverage Manager for Tinga Lodge and Narina Lodge. I am a zealous, bubbly & sociable person, with a thirst for new adventures and experiences.

Favourite animal: Meerkat
One word: Charismatic

Thembi Mdluli (Community Development Manager)

I am an entrepreneur, married and a proud mother of Jade, Thabang and Nthabiseng. I am passionate about developing the underdeveloped communities bordering the Sabi Sands – more especially Huntington village where I was born. I have been in the Hospitality industry for 16 years and have a special place in my heart for a team that strives for professionalism. I am a motivated and focused individual.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Unique

Faith Gina (Head Chef)

I enjoy every second that I am working. I am very passionate about what I do and love my work as a chef as everyday is a learning curve.

Favourite animal: Lion
One word: Spontaneous

Lindiwe Ndlovu (Head Chef - Lion Sands Kruger National Park)

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.

"They make mistakes but they don`t quit" I say - a proud mother of three; a girl and two boys. I have a passion for what I do. Cooking is my life. I am very happy to be part of Lion Sands family.

Favourite animal: Squirrel
One word: Patience

Sydonea Hlatshwayo (Head Field Ranger Sabi Sand)

I am a very dedicated and disciplined guide and enjoy guiding all nationalities due to the various interests. This is a right place and a perfect environment for me as a guide and I enjoy being part of an incredible team.

Favourite animal: Lion
One word: Calm

Landon Eades (Assitant Head Field Ranger)

I love and enjoy all aspects of nature whether it be large or small. Being a Ranger was always something I wanted to be ever since I was a young boy. I am still living and loving my dream everyday. After 12 years, I am still as passionate about the bush as ever.

Favourite animal: Lion
One word: Patient

Allan Ronchini (Head of Training)

13 Years of my 20 year guiding career have been spent at Lion Sands and I love being part of a team made up of special and dedicated guides who strive to perfect professionalism..

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Inventive

Alfred Mabunda (Head Field Ranger Kruger National Park)

I grew up in a small village next to the Manyeliti and Sabi Sand Game Reserves. I have been guiding in Kruger for 8 years. I love working with guests and sharing information with them regarding wildlife and our wonderful cultural heritage in South Africa.

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Enthusiastic

Enock Themba (Senior Field Ranger)

I like talking to my guests when doing game drives and smiling when meeting my clients. When out on drive, I like tracking and creating a more carefree approach to game viewing as it is a part of being and not only watching.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Truth

Simon Mbambo (Senior Field Ranger)

I have been in the hospitality industry since 1984. I love the bush, enjoy tracking and I love birds. Lion Sands is my home because the team is always working hard, friendly, kind and helpful.

Favourite animal: Banded Mongoose
One word: Hard Worker

Johan Ngwenya (Senior Field Ranger)

I was born in the Somerset trust area bordering the Kruger National Park. I have been guiding for 5 years and was a tracker for 4 years before that. I enjoy finding animals and viewing them and meeting people from all over the world.

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Passionate

Ishmael Nyati (Senior Field Ranger)

Having grown up in the eastern Lowveld of South Africa, I was lucky to always be surrounded by our wonderful wildlife and from here my love for wildlife was kindled. I used to be a tracker for Nick Leuenberger and I am now a Ranger at Tinga educating my guests about the wonders of nature.

Favourite animal: Buffalo
One word: Diplomatic

Michael Nkuna (Senior Field Ranger)

I fell in love with the bush at an age of 9 because I always spent time with my grandparents who told me stories about the bush and animal life. They shared with me stories about the African animals and many more including how to survive in the bush. Guiding has always been my desire as it is my family blood and passed down from generation to generation.

Favourite animal: Lion
One word: Engaging

Tristan Dicks (Senior Field Ranger)

My love of wildlife and the lowveld was passed onto me by my grandparents who were based in the lowveld. As a child, my school holidays consisted of spending time in and discovering the Kruger National Park and surrounds. After school, I studied a Bcom marketing degree, as well as played and coached cricket, the gentleman’s game. In 2009, putting my passion into action, I completed a Field Guiding Course. I’m also an avid photographer, birder and enjoy being involved in social media circles in order to share with people less fortunate to experience the African bush first hand on a daily basis.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Determined

Barend Steyn (Benry) (Senior Field Ranger)

Love being out in the bush. I enjoy looking at smaller things out there, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. I am a very special person and like to have a lot of people around me.

Favourite animal: Honey Badger
One word: Humorous

Jono Harper (Field Ranger)

I enjoy bird watching anywhere and have travelled around Africa searching for the more elusive ones. Watching mammals interact with each other from different species is always a moving experience. I have a passion for exploring Africa

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Passionate

Kenneth Zwane (Field Ranger)

I enjoy working in the African bush. I believe that knowledge needs to be shared and knowledge that is not shared is worthless. I am a team player.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Hard Worker

Micheal Moth (Field Ranger)

I come from the city of Johannesburg but was fortunate enough to be introduced to the bush from a very young age and was instantly hooked! I have a special interest in photography, bird and the big cats.

Favourite animal: Lion
One word: Chilled

Ale Olivieri (Field Ranger)

I am from Venezuela come from a large family of wild life lovers. I moved to South Africa to work in a wildlife rehabilitation center, untill I managed to gain all my qualifications and experience to allow me to follow my dreams of guiding and educating guests on my vehicle.

Favourite animal: White Rhino
One word: Explorative

Ferdi Muller (Field Ranger)

Having been involved in the wildlife conservation industry for almost two decades, I have built up a wealth of knowledge. With my love and passion of the African Bush and the creatures that reside there, I have worked and travelled throughout Southern Africa, from Caprivi to the Cape he has sought out ways of educating people in the sustainable use of our natural resources, ensuring that they are there for future generations to enjoy. As one of my guests states, “Ferdie has to be among the best guides in the world. His knowledge is amazing, his passion and enthusiasm is heart warming. He always goes the last mile and he also knows when not to talk”; Jackie Reardon.

Favourite animal: Fish Eagle
One word: most of my guests would say “Passionate”

Raymond Temba (Field Ranger)

I was born in a small village near the Kruger National Park. I have always been surrounded by animals and decided to become a Ranger to share my knowledge of local wildlife. I have been guiding for 5 years and I love the wildlife in our area.

Favourite animal: Rhino
One word: Caring

Patrick Mhlongo (Head Field Tracker)

I have been working as a Tracker for 18 years. I enjoy tracking leopards and I love doing my job honestly. I love the bush and this is where I belong. Ask for me for some of the secrets that bush holds that few will know.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Fearless

Dumay Boulle (Field Guide)

Going to the Kruger National Park for the first time at the age 22 was the start of the love of the bush. I returned year after year on holiday's and the passion and thirst for knowledge of the environment grew. Eventually at the age of 32 I decided to give up my city life and do a Field Ranger course. Since starting I have developed a love for our feathered friends and botany. I really enjoy being able to identify and give interesting information to my guests about all aspects of the environment so they have a much better understanding of there surroundings. I feel this will help them understand the value of preserving this magical place. I am finally working in the place where my love began and I feel very fortunate to be in this amazing environment every day.

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Driven

Jason Van Zyl (Field Guide)

After growing up in the Free State my love for nature drew me inextricably to a life in the bush. During the past seven years working as a guide in the Waterberg and Madikwe my end goal was always to end up in the Lowveldt and more specifically the Kruger National Park. This is a dream come true!

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Dedicated

Johan Ndlovu (Field Ranger)

I believe in love, respect, trust and team work. Wisdom and patience are the key to success. I love guiding, I love sharing information with people from all over the world regarding wildlife as well as the African culture.

Favourite animal: Elephant
One word: Faith

Duane Rabie (Field Ranger)

My love of the bush was sparked early on with frequent visits to the Kruger National Park with my grandfather. After school I decided to follow my dream and did a field guide course. On graduation, I moved to Crocodile Bridge in the Kruger Park as a Junior Guide. I have since moved to Lion Sands, and look so forward to guiding in such an amazing place. My biggest passion is for all things feathered.

Favourite animal: Grey Headed Bush Shrike
One word: Adventurous

Sylvester (Sly) Makhubela (Field Ranger)

I started my career in the bush in 1985 as a tracker, and worked in various lodges around the Sabi Sand Game Reserve before joining the Lion Sands field guide training in 2009. Here I mentored students in the art of tracking and traditional knowledge of the area. I have recently joined the guiding team. I enjoy teaching young and old the long-standing secrets of the South African bushveld.

Favourite animal: Leopard
One word: Joyful


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Put aside 6 nights and treat yourself to the African adventure of a lifetime! Enjoy the myriad of attractions in the magnificent city of Cape Town, and treat yourself to an exclusive Big Five Safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. This tour is the deluxe version, and includes premier accommodation.
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